Podcast/Messages Missed the service? We've got you've covered with Free Podcasts!

You can use the player below to listen to and download any of the messages.

(To download a message, click on the desired message, then in the top left of the player click on Main Menu, finally click on Download Audio from the dropdown menu.)

Also, you may subscribe to our podcast of the messages on iTunes

Podcasting is a term that refers to automatically receiving audio or video content from a church, business or other entity. In order to receive this free content all you have to do is “subscribe” to a podcast, and with each new update in content your subscription will download it automatically!

All that is required is a computer with Internet access and an iTunes account (you do not need to own an iPod).

Step One: Install iTunes

In order to receive messages, content or other audio from The Image Church you must first download iTunes the free music program provided for both MAC and PC. Visit the Apple’s website to download this program.

Step Two: Subscribe

Next you must subscribe to our podcast. All you have to do is click one of the podcast link below and this will prompt iTunes to automatically open our podcast profile. You’ll see our podcast preview image as well as a listing of recent messages. (You can download individual messages from here) Click the “Sunscrobe” button to essentially sign up to the podcast, this will enable you to automatically receive each new message that gets uploaded to iTunes.
The Image Church Audio Podcast

Step Three: Download

Once successfully subscribed, the latest Image Church message will begin to download. You will see past messages displayed in grey meaning they have not been downloaded. To retrieve these older messages just click on the “Get” button. You can see the progress of the download by looking to the top middle of the iTunes player. Once the download is complete, you may begin listening to the message, by double clicking on the message title.

Step Four: Sync

This step is for those who have an iPhone or iPod.

First, you must ensure you have the latest iPod software installed on the iPod, if not visit Apple’s iPod software page to download (Having the most current software allows the podcast to properly transfer to your iPod). Follow all the instructions and install the software on your iPod.
After updating your iPod, keep it plugged in and look for the icon of it in the iTunes player on the left side titled “Sources pane”. If iTunes does not automatically sync the podcasts, go to the File menu and select “Update iPod” to manually sync. Each new podcasted message will be listed under the “Podcast” menu on your iPod (Music > Podcasts). If you stop in the middle of a sermon, your iPod will remember where you left off so you won’t have to start over or fast-forward.

You are all ready to enjoy podcasts from The Image Church!