Who we are: Preteens 11 years old -14 years old… you know that age where you are not exactly a kid anymore and those first few years as a teenager…

What is the purpose: to learn to be the best version of ourselves.

In a very relaxed and open environment we share our experiences and bring up questions to discuss as a group; always an open forum.

As we go grab a bite to eat or engage in a new activity we are learning how to put our difference aside and get along, build ourselves, and connect life with who God is and how to live life through Christ in a practical and tangible way.

When we meet: Every Wednesday at 7pm

Where we meet: The Image church unless otherwise notified.

 Why: as we say at the Image church; “don’t do life alone!”

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Masha Kuchura

In-B-Tween Ministry Leader

The Love and passion God has placed in my heart for this age group is quite unique. I am overjoyed, honored and excited to work with them. It is incredible knowing that an encouraging word, providing opportunities, and challenging a young person can help develop a new relationship with Christ or strengthen an existing relationship with Christ!